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A leader no factory deserves!

Steven Devivjer.

Factories are places for people who want to be told what to do. Who don’t want to change.  People who love the status quo. A destination not for Steven. He’s getting ready for leadership.
Take-a-peek at just a sample of what this remarkable individual is capable of:

He belongs to a tribe and ready to lead!
I’m glad to know you Steven. Good luck. We’re here!


Facts and Questions for anyone interested in Tribes

Check out this Tribe Q&A (i)nspired by Seth Godin’s Tribes book and developed by tribe members.
The power of minds working together. I’m so lucky to be a part of this tribe. Thanks Seth and other triiibe members.

This is the link below for people who want to download, print, email the e-book for free!

I don’t care. I already got paid.

There’s more responsibility than giving the customer what they want/need. Responsibilityis beyond just getting the sale. Satisfying  customers these days is minimum.You are more than just a service provider  We trust you.  Guide people down the wrong path, you’re responsible for it. Stop using the weak economy as a scape goat. 10,000 employees laid off is your fault. The economy is weak because you focused on sales and wasting money. Your people lost  trust in you. Why? Because your boss told you to focus on meeting the numbers. Ridiculous projections that go up every year.  People are craving personal attention. Connectivity. They want to be heard. Fill this need. When they hand over their hard-earned money, they trust you. We’re comfortable with you. Money(sales) is the result from Relationships, trust, fear, hope, and love (emotional).

Tap into the power of intangibles.