Its amazing how people hold-on to ideas when they’re designed to spread. To be shared. You don’t own ideas. How can you actually execute ideas or create a movement when you keep them all to yourself, claiming 100% credit and shine. You’re selfish. It’s funny how companies want to increase sales, their brand recogntion and market share, but refuse to open up, they fear transparency. They’re scared of competitors. Competition is waiting on you to do it, execute it, so they copy you. They want the easy way out. lazy. Look at the mock copies of the Iphone. So innovative? Yeah right! That’s why consumers don’t know who you are.  Customers are less faithful to your brand in these cluttered days. Mediocre  companies will never get over the hump. You’re too worried about stuff that don’t matter. I guessing that execution is about 97%, 3% for ideas. I could be wrong, but I’m doing it (executing) anyway.

Nike sums it up very well “Just do it”. Stand out. Stop playing tag, your it!


They like us. They really like us.

This is how most companies feel when they make a sale. Just because someone buys your product doesn’t mean they like you(product/service). Must of the time it’s because you’re there, reasonably priced or convenient. But the moment something else better comes along, you’re totally forgotten about. Like a old toy to a kid. The new and shiny toy gets all the attention. This is why it’s important to engaged and create a dialogue with your customer. Knowing your position with is very important. With there help, you will gain the insight necessary to create the “Next” product and service. They (customer) determine what your brand stands for. Not you. Stay Fresh!

We need data and research to

Hide behind it. Companies love diving into spending countless hours developing research and data to prove that they’re right. Like comfort food: It makes you feel good. Okay,  according to this data, you’re right. Now what you going to do about it. Most decide to spend more countless hours developing a Huge strategy. The Bigstrategy that takes forever. Years. Why not try a little strategy, throw it out there to see if it sticks? This way, you don’t waste a lot your time/money and most importantly, forget about your customers.

Planning is okay only if you know the outcome, But what company knows the outcome?


Change: To do something better than before. Something new. Leadership. The iphone for example.  Uprise and stop trying to control change with your mediocre increments. This not change. A friend who I look up to is embracing change. Her surroundings, a different story. They fear the momentum behind change. Nervous, very nervous. These surroundings love the comfort. Status quo. Why? Control. Don’t know what to do? Do it anyway. Fix as you go. They hold on to knowledge. Knowledge is something that happen in the past.  Holding on means missing the moment. To change is to let go. What do you have to lose. You say that this is a place where innovation and open doors are available. What I see is an open door to a closed mind.

Change is creating an opening. Opportunity. Change is relentless.
Embrace it or be left behind, or become Leftovers. Garbage. Boring.

Uprison is Change!

I don’t care. I already got paid.

There’s more responsibility than giving the customer what they want/need. Responsibilityis beyond just getting the sale. Satisfying  customers these days is minimum.You are more than just a service provider  We trust you.  Guide people down the wrong path, you’re responsible for it. Stop using the weak economy as a scape goat. 10,000 employees laid off is your fault. The economy is weak because you focused on sales and wasting money. Your people lost  trust in you. Why? Because your boss told you to focus on meeting the numbers. Ridiculous projections that go up every year.  People are craving personal attention. Connectivity. They want to be heard. Fill this need. When they hand over their hard-earned money, they trust you. We’re comfortable with you. Money(sales) is the result from Relationships, trust, fear, hope, and love (emotional).

Tap into the power of intangibles. 

I’m Bigger than you!

Bigger is better, right?

I doubt it. Look at G.M. The Biggest line of cars. The biggest Market Share. The Biggest Budget and so on. When you become too big, you become dull boring and common like the Band-Aid Brand. The vehicles, who can the tell them apart? You lost your stance, position and attention. Greed. What a shame. All because you’re too big and bulky to make a necessary move, prevent a threat or recognize the growth of your end. Over confidence.

The begining…

This is My first rip at blogging.

Powerful. Very powerful it is. I can reach, share and connect with just about anybody in the world. Limitless.

more to come…..