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The thing about Change

It will happen no matter what. Resist change and you will waste money, energy and opportunity.  Ultimately, you will deplete and lose your most precious commodity, Time! Time is necessary to make a change. Time to truly blow your customer’s mind about what you offer. Time to truly make a difference. Time to give people who depend on you, a fresh choice!

Change is the process, the input, not the result or output.   Make Allow change to flow like water. You,  your customers and your  relationships all depend on this flow of change. Let it flow!

Yes, I understand how scary it is because of the lack of control  and fearing the unknown, but we’re not here to control change and to be honest with you, we have no control over change. It’s  a force beyond us! Change is always changing, staying afresh, nonstop! Fear is natural, but so is change!

Embrace the unknown within change and watch all the possibilities reveal themselves to you!

To embrace change is to embrace life itself!

Backed up!

Too much knowledge or accumulation of information will constipate you. Status Quo will neutralize your ability to maneuver gracefully thru daily problems and task. 

Some corporations feel that they’re superior or bigger becuase they have been around for  80+ years, have the biggest buildings or largest market share. 

Look at some of the largest and oldest corporations these days. GM in the past was considered the wealthiest company in the world.  Now, GM is so backed up and behind that the largest car maker in the world has the largest amount of dead weight, beyond their capacity to carry it.   

Please keep your business pliable so can face any problem within the moment. Stay Afresh!

Facts and Questions for anyone interested in Tribes

Check out this Tribe Q&A (i)nspired by Seth Godin’s Tribes book and developed by tribe members.
The power of minds working together. I’m so lucky to be a part of this tribe. Thanks Seth and other triiibe members.

This is the link below for people who want to download, print, email the e-book for free!

I’m Bigger than you!

Bigger is better, right?

I doubt it. Look at G.M. The Biggest line of cars. The biggest Market Share. The Biggest Budget and so on. When you become too big, you become dull boring and common like the Band-Aid Brand. The vehicles, who can the tell them apart? You lost your stance, position and attention. Greed. What a shame. All because you’re too big and bulky to make a necessary move, prevent a threat or recognize the growth of your end. Over confidence.