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You cannot create a product/service  without destroying or breaking down a superflorous substance! 

These materials are necessary at the beginning, but as you reach the end, they get in the  way as you near the finished product,  

Please remove them, your people (customers) depend on your creation!

Don’t let them down!



Its amazing how people hold-on to ideas when they’re designed to spread. To be shared. You don’t own ideas. How can you actually execute ideas or create a movement when you keep them all to yourself, claiming 100% credit and shine. You’re selfish. It’s funny how companies want to increase sales, their brand recogntion and market share, but refuse to open up, they fear transparency. They’re scared of competitors. Competition is waiting on you to do it, execute it, so they copy you. They want the easy way out. lazy. Look at the mock copies of the Iphone. So innovative? Yeah right! That’s why consumers don’t know who you are.  Customers are less faithful to your brand in these cluttered days. Mediocre  companies will never get over the hump. You’re too worried about stuff that don’t matter. I guessing that execution is about 97%, 3% for ideas. I could be wrong, but I’m doing it (executing) anyway.

Nike sums it up very well “Just do it”. Stand out. Stop playing tag, your it!