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313 332-8415 (cell)    email-     

Value Proposition:  To make you look good. To provide you solutions in marketing, sales, management and ideas.  Cedric will help you help your customers by working hard, smart and effectively. Why? because you and your customers deserve it.

What some people are saying about Cedric

“Cedric has been my go-to marketing consultant for 2 years. He is a champion strategist, who elevates the creativity and excitement of a group with his remarkable work ethic and relentless passion. One word to describe Cedric: Outstanding” – Nathan Hopp, Owner,  Greenmyenergy 616-724-7403

“Cedric has opened my eyes to marketing like never before. He introduced me to power of  Tribes and help me with Leadership” – A.C. Rison,  Rental sales, Aggeko,

“Cedric has lead me in developing effective and exciting ideas in sales and marketing” – Darrel Rhodman, Hertz, Location Manager, 419-824-6358


Marketing, Sales, Management and People Experience

5 years managerial experience

–  Lead a group to  perform in  google on-line marketing challenge for Bill Smith

– 10 years of customer service experience

– Member of  Seth Godin’s Triiibes

-B2c and B2B experience

-Website layout experience from marketing perspective

– Web copywriting and Brochure development

– Participated in Tribes Q&A e-book by asking and answering questions

-2 years in marketing  experience

Cedric holds an B.S. in Marketing with Certifications in E-Commerce, B2B and Direct marketing from Ferris State Univerisity.

Blogs Cedric reads Seth Godin, Toms Peters, Brand Autopsy, 37signals, metacool

Books Cedric reads

Design-Tom Peters, The Black Swan, Selling to Big Companies, The Purple Cow, Meatball Sundae, Positioning and many more.

What Cedric Knows that no one else knows is that marketing is the language(communication) of your culture (Business). Your message should be so simple yet unique that a toddler can understand and spread it in six words or less.   No matter how remarkable your product may be, relationships are your ultimate differentiator. 

Cedric’s Mantra: To make a difference in the world!

Cedric’s Magic: Staying afresh to handle ever-changing situations in life and business

If you like what you see and hear, feel free to contact Cedric 313-332-8415 or

Thank you and I’m lucky to hear from you!

resume in a pdf here and work  history here













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