We need data and research to

Hide behind it. Companies love diving into spending countless hours developing research and data to prove that they’re right. Like comfort food: It makes you feel good. Okay,  according to this data, you’re right. Now what you going to do about it. Most decide to spend more countless hours developing a Huge strategy. The Bigstrategy that takes forever. Years. Why not try a little strategy, throw it out there to see if it sticks? This way, you don’t waste a lot your time/money and most importantly, forget about your customers.

Planning is okay only if you know the outcome, But what company knows the outcome?


2 responses to “We need data and research to

  1. Ced, I hear what you’re saying here. The most important things are often overlooked, all for the purpose of collecting and managing data. Shoot, let the accountants figure out the ‘data’ and I’ll go get the sale. Give us a product, service, or idea and lets go to Market. let me ask you then, How do we target, and then in time be targeted by our customers.

  2. Cedric Peterson

    Open up. Create conversation. (dialogue) Out teach, out share, out contribute your competition. To target, get 110% involved!

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